Country Life Natural Foods Praises CATAPULT

Country Life Praises CATAPULT

Located in Pullman, MI, Country Life Natural Foods is a wholesaler and retailer of natural, organic, and vegetarian foods. Store owner Michael Stevens says the primary objective of his business is to help his customers live fuller, healthier lives by providing throse hard-to-find health food products.

"Our primary goal at Country Life is really two-fold. Not only do we provide the finest quality natural foods, but we also work directly with our patrons to help them implement healthy lifestyle principles into their daily routines.” Mr. Stevens recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about how the CATAPULT system is benefiting his natural food store.

ECRS: Tell us about Country Life Natural Foods?

Stevens: We have an interesting setup here at Country Life. While we provide a wide variety of health foods to our community from our retail space, we also have a wholesale business that sells and distributes to health food stores all over the country. Customers love being able to walk into our establishment and purchase retail health food items at wholesale prices. This convenience alone is a huge draw for customers.

ECRS: What kinds of clientele do you serve?

Country Life Natural Foods

Stevens: We cater to a fairly diverse group of patrons. The largest portion of our customer base is made up of people who have a working knowledge of health foods, and who are interested in maintaining healthier lifestyles by eating better foods. Others discover our store because they are searching for ways to improve their health significantly through a more intelligent diet.

ECRS: How did you decide on CATAPULT as the automation solution for your store?

Stevens: We chose CATAPULT after our local dealer did a demo for us. It was evident that it was the most viable tool for our needs. We replaced our old electronic cash registers because we realized we needed to modernize our store automation procedures. CATAPULT is our first true store automation system.

ECRS: Has CATAPULT exceeded your expectations about what it would mean to automate your store?

Stevens:Definitely. We were able to integrate CATAPULT easily into our operation, and are quite pleased with its performance. As longtime users of electronic cash registers, we were somewhat skeptical about putting in a full-blown retail automation system. But CATAPULT's straightforward design and management functionality quickly put those concerns to rest. It's obvious that CATAPULT was created with a focus on the core needs of retailers.

ECRS: Which CATAPULT reports do you run on a regular basis?

Stevens: Every day we run a Charge Account Activity and a Transaction Detail Summary. We find many of the purchase order reports to be useful as well.

ECRS: Has CATAPULT given you the needed level of control over your retail operation?

Country Life Natural Foods

Stevens: Yes. CATAPULT makes us much more accountable for pricing and inventory movement than we ever were before. This kind of detailed data gives us a better understanding of current trends in our store, and helps us decide what we need to do to continually improve our business.

ECRS: Would you recommend CATAPULT to other retailers?

Stevens: Absolutely. I would strongly recommend CATAPULT to any retailer looking for a complete POS and back office system.